" Taste the Difference"

UJALA Restaurant staunchly believes the ethics and values, which we never compromise, not even for extra business. Stringent practices are implemented to maintain the quality and purity of the food we offer. The clean lines of mind, the body and physical environment is ensured before welcoming the first ray of sunlight into the restaurant. Not to mention the ambience. This is an tandem with the serenity of UJALA Restaurant concept.


While the formula includes hand picked fresh herbs and creative vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes; Our metaphor for growth remains the total customer satisfaction with personalized service to get customer loyalty. This unwavering customer focus and pre-emptive planning has allowed Ujala Restaurant to keep the idea fresh for every new visit of an old customer. Customer service & staffing.


We believe that the customer is the king. Hence our entire staff is trained in a manner to ensures unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction. Our routine in-house activities ensure the same.